1. What is Winstag?

    Winstag is a global platform where users and stores share fashionable photos to create environment for discovery of new trends. Buy buttons implemented by users and stores lead to fast and easy shopping experience.

  2. How does Winstag work?

    A user takes a fashionable photo and post it to Winstag after tagging the brands and linking the product with the online store built with Shopify API.

    Online store uploads a fashionable photo and links the products to its ecommerce site.

    Both online and physical stores can notify their followers with the arrival of new products, deals and discounts.

  3. Technical problems and questions?

    For the moment, please send an email to contact@winstag.com.

  4. Who can see my photos?

    If you allow public, everybody. If not, only friends and followers.